New customers experience a delay in the provisioning of their orders


We've now resolved the incident. Thanks for your patience.

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Iztok Zavcer

We regret to inform you of a delay in provisioning your new orders for new customer only. Our team is actively investigating the issue to expedite the resolution. We appreciate your understanding and will provide updates as soon as possible. Customers who are already in the system shouldn't encounter any issues.

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Iztok Zavcer
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Affected components
  • KVM Europe
    • Austria, Vienna
      • KVM VD, KVM VS
    • Austria, Graz
    • Austria, Vienna (Interxion)
    • Belgium, Brussels
    • Bulgaria, Sofia
    • Croatia, Zagreb
    • Czech Republic, Prague
    • Denmark, Copenhagen
    • France, Paris
    • Germany, Frankfurt
    • Greece, Thessaloniki
    • Hungary, Budapest
    • Iceland, Hafnarfjordur
    • Italy, Milan
    • Italy, Sicily, Palermo
    • Isle of Man, Douglas
    • Latvia, Riga
    • Lithuania, Vilnius
    • Moldova, Chisinau
    • Netherlands, Schiphol Rijk, Amsterdam
    • North Macedonia, Skopje
    • Norway, Oslo
    • Poland, Warsaw
    • Romania, Bucharest
    • Russian Federation, Moscow
    • Russian Federation, St. Petersburg
    • Serbia, Belgrade
    • Slovenia, Ljubljana
    • Spain, Seville
    • Sweden, Stockholm
    • Switzerland, Zurich
    • United Kingdom, London
    • United Kingdom, London, Docklands
  • KVM North- and Latin America
    • Canada, Montréal
    • Chile, Viña del Mar (Valparaiso)
    • Colombia, Bogotá
    • USA, Miami (FL)
    • USA, New York (NY)
  • KVM Middle East and Africa
    • Israel, Tel Aviv
    • United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai
  • KVM Asia, Australia and Oceania
    • Australia, Sydney
    • Hong Kong, Kwai Chung
    • Japan, Tokyo
    • Singapore, Singapore
  • EDIS Webhosting & E-Mail
    • E-Mail
      • Afterlogic Webmail Pro
      • IMAP
      • POP3
      • SMTP
      • Barracuda Email Security Cluster
    • Webhosting
    • Webhosting LTS